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If video games were made into movies. 20 Cool Posters.

Artist mockups of movies based on popular video games.

  • Asshat

    Street Fighter is a movie made in 1994. A side note it was a shitty one at that.

    • mrjudkins

      A shitty one? Raul Julia’s performance was AMAZING! We started watching it as a joke very late one night and once Julia came on we were hooked until the end…

      • Alessandro Carbonin

        yeah, but apart raul julia’s performance the movie sucked :D

    • Raymond H. Heggheim

      one of the best scenes ever in a movie

  • Nick Sears

    Funny how the Hulk was used as Blanca, but I’m impressed they had Andy Serkis as the actor. Cleverr Girlll

  • AKADoom

    I saw this over on reddit there’s some great posters here and thanks for including my LA Noire Poster on the list!

  • Brad Mills


  • Andy

    Assassin’s Creed is being developed now, with Michael Fassbender in the lead:

  • DustyOR

    Particularly like the one with Michael Biehn and also LA NOIR……….

  • Krystyna

    Nathan Fillion as Nate Drake for Uncharted=perfect!

    • Nine AM

      He just needs to play Drake.

  • Anndgrim

    Kurt Russel should play Big Boss.

  • Raymond H. Heggheim

    Love the posters, awesome choises for actrors aswell.. Tom Hardy as Kratos .. PERFECT!! ..but only one man can play Solid Snake .. Josh Holloway

  • Adam Foerster

    Bleh. Link still looks like a girl

  • Nomisuke

    I believe Splinter Cell would be the best choice with Liam Neeson playing Sam Fisher. And there’s only one Snake… Kurt Russell.

  • Giacomo Luciani

    Deus Ex is missing!!!!!!! Ggggggggrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mike

    How can you leave out the Final Fantasy Series? They would be the best out of all of them!

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